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The INTP Experience began as a series of blog articles written half for myself and half for others.  On the one hand, being INTP is all about seeing the world and organizing those observations into knowledge.  Yet, those abilities stumble when we try to unravel why we so often feel isolated from others.

Sometimes I yearned for an old INTP to explain where I am in life and where I'm going.  As I grew and began to understand the complexity of people, I learned that more understanding didn't bring meaning and happiness.  A mentor might be able to explain the missing pieces.  To paint the bigger picture.

Then, it struck me.  What's the next best thing to finding that mentor?  Become one myself.  I've come a long way and can share the ground I've gained with younger INTPs.  Maybe we can travel the rest of the way together.

When I began posting articles on The INTP Experience, I didn't dare to hope that they would resonate with INTPs as much as they have.  Many have said that they finally feel understood.  Now, I've moved those articles from blog format to a better, more permanent web format.  This site is dedicated to guidance and sharing, for INTPs by INTPs.

The Meaning of the Logo:  We, the INTPs, are at the center of the logo shaped like a keyhole.  Above us, random observations are hitting us from every direction.  Flowing from us below is ordered, structured knowledge.

The Motto:  Deconstructure, Learn, Celebrate is part explanation to non-INTPs and part reminder to ourselves to enjoy the gifts of being INTP.  We should not ever forget to celebrate.  We should celebrate together.



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