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On Being an INTP Woman
Amy responds to another INTP woman who has not felt rewarded by sharing her emotions, and nows sometimes feels inadequate when pushed to express emotions:

I hate to think of INTP females feeling inadequate as women. This is something I have put quite a few years of thought and research into as far as being an INTP, being a female thinker, and being feminine. INTP women can have the best of both worlds because we are rational and logical (which is really cool and makes life so simple if we can just accept that we don't work like traditional/stereotypical women and that’s totally okay) and still have most of the female biological instincts.
So here is the second thing to accept and embrace while being both feminine and logical. We have this neat window between Thinking and Feeling, like standing in a doorway and being able to see into either room. We might like one room much better then the other but can have views of the other side and sometimes visit as we become more comfortable with our overall selves. Being a thinker gives us the gift of being able to pick which room or in-between where most female feelers I have encountered don't have that gift. They have others, just not this one.

I don't know how other INTP women view this (as I don't know any) and it might not be true or work for them but this is what has helped me have enjoyment and be comfortable with my personality as a woman and with the expression of emotions.

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