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But Aren't INTPs Cold and Detached from Emotion?
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But Aren't INTPs Cold and Detached from Emotion?

Ofelia writes:
I can share so many things about this subject. It's a myth that INTPs are cold and insensitive. Actually, it is the other way around--a highly sensitive person withdraws from all possible disturbing external stimuli in order to protect himself or herself from over-stimulation. overstimulation causes us to become extremely neurotic, irrational, and incompetent. We feel unable to handle a few stupid emotions. We feel vulnerable, exposed, pathetic, and this feeling is terrible for an INTP to experience. We rely on competence. We need to feel confident, capable, and in control.
There was a time in my life when I became completely isolated, and people felt like poison. I perceived them like overcharged beings, carrying the poison of multiple emotions. I can feel other people's emotions and that bothers me, so I keep my distance to not to feel overcharged with alien emotional material that is not even my problem. There are a lot of people who think they are rationals, and they openly brag about their coldness and lack of emotional responses. They don’t admit this important part (highly sensitive) because it is like admitting I am vulnerable, I am a nerve-wreck. It’s like saying “let’s get the job done, so I can go home and fall apart in peace…drained, completely drained."
Emotions have been a real problem to me, not because of their absence, but because of their intrusiveness. I feel too much! And I don’t know how to handle it, so I become extremely analytical. My mind won’t stop analyzing each single feeling. It is exhausting!
Let me recommend a good book about the subject: The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aaron. Another scientific explanation to high sensitivity. It's fascinating and invigorating. I hope this can bring some light to my fellow INTPs. Don’t sink in your own turbulence by ignoring it. Try to embrace emotion so you can understand it and control it. Self-awareness is key!

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