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Anns asks:

Could you expand on the INTP encyclopedia concept?  While I get vibes of truth off of the paragraph above, I am not reaaally able to link the principles to incidents in my own life yet.

When we observe and analyze, we then *remember*. That's really the key point. It doesn't flutter away. How many times have you been talking to another person and you find yourself saying, well, we talked about this a year ago, and you said X. When you said that, that meant this, that, and the other thing. So I did Y, and I've been doing Y this whole last year because that is what you asked me to do. So I don't understand your question now, a year later. We already covered this....

The person then looks at you like you have three heads. The only word they can seem to muster is, what??? None of this information and analysis stuck with them. They don't remember it. Even if they thought that way a year ago, it's long gone ago. We remember, however, and change our behavior based on what we remember. In stress situations, we tend to be fighting battles that the other person is not even able to conceptualize. They are talking about today. We are talking about a year ago and everything in between.

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