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Full Version: [Asking] The Article, Chapter 1: Why Do I Feel Disconnected?
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Hello everybody, my fellow INTP, nice to meet you all.

I am an INTP and I am new to this forum. Recently I just have discovered this amazing and awesome website, which enlightenment me to reveal more about myself. Especially when I read the Article Section. An set of some chapters that tells us INTP in very well described way.

So what I am gonna ask in this thread is:

Can someone give other explanation about the sentence from the attachment below? I am not sure if I am interpreted it well

My interpretation about that sentence is:

"For us INTP, if we want to understand people more, we need to have a good balance of a motivating power of emotion, like maybe they don't have a same feeling/emotion as ours, and that is okay because everybody is different from us (?)" I don't know please correct me if my interpretation is wrong.

Or can someone care to give their own interpretation (if they ever read The Article)?

Thanks in advance! Smile
As I understand it, the point is to understand how heavily other people let their emotions affect their actions, as well as how much they affect your own.

By way of example, if you've ever climbed up on something because you thought it would be cool or something you might have realized just how high up you were and how precariously you were balanced and felt a sharp rise of fear gripping you.
As an INTP, however, if you really think you should be able to do what your doing — maybe you've seen someone else do it and believe you are similarly capable — you try really hard to shove the emotion down.

You think to yourself that you shouldn't be freaking out, you think of reasons why its logical not to be afraid: The beam your on is strong, you know its meant to handle much more than your weight, you can do such and such to keep balance, etc.
You likely kind of hate yourself for being so scared because you know the fear is (at least partially) irrational, which makes you feel like a coward since your afraid of something that isn't even true or real.

So you shove down the fear as best you can, hating that its there at all and trying to get it to go away, and you continue on. But if something happens that starts to confirm your fear — you lean a little too far and feel yourself about to fall — that fear shatters your barriers and spikes right up again, overwhelming you until you get OUT of the situation.

You probably tell yourself that you acted on the emotion only because you had a logical reason to believe it was correct. This is usually at least partly true, but I think never completely. Emotions have their degree of control over your actions however much you try to deny them. Other people don't deny them as much. Some people hardly deny them at all. This seems crazy to us INTP's but the truth is that we act the same as they do sometimes and we have to realize that if we are to understand them.

In typical INTP form I have made this horrifically long, for which I apologize only a little.

Anyway, I do hope that aids your understanding. As I said at the beginning, this is just how I understand it, though I doubt it can be far off mark.