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Full Version: Former Milan sporting director slams current club management
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Former AC Milan sporting director Massimiliano Mirabelli is not thrilled with the current situation at the club.
"When I was at the club, we knew who was in charge and who was responsible for what," Mirabelli said. - There was no confusion, and so the results appeared. We reached the Europa League, came close to reaching the Champions League and reached the final of the Coppa Italia. I wish we had more time. I hope that now the new management of AC Milan continue the work I started. A new reshuffle at the club would be the wrong move. Rumors destabilize the situation, and Stefano Pioli can not work quietly. Ibra? He certainly added to the team. It helps to grow young players who have seen it, perhaps only in albums with stickers. However, I would not want all the weight to fall on his shoulders. He's 38 years old, even though he's a champion."
Do you think the club will be able to show a good game in the championships?
I don't think it's that bad at AC Milan. This team shows a good game. Now there are games in Serie A. You can see the results and the standings I watch with interest the team's game
Everyone has setbacks. Matches show the strategy of which team won