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Earth From Space
Can start by talking about this NOVA special on PBS "Earth From Space" - the images are fascinating... incredible! So much to be learned from them. Just wondering if anyone else is watching (has watched) and finds this as amazing!
I saw commercials for it, but haven't watched (yet). What are some of the striking things in the images?
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The various satellites they feature each seem to have a specialty that shows Earth in great detail beyond the visual range of the spectrum. The overall program shows processes that we are probably all very familiar with, but seeing a time lapse, full globe view of weather patterns, volcanic activity, Antarctic ice, the magnetosphere's importance, and even airplane movement patterns was just thrilling for me! I have always been in love with the view of Earth from space and astronomy in general, so perhaps my enthusiasm comes from that deeper passion. Smile I'll have to watch it again so that I can take in more detail.
thanks for the advice !
I watched it, one of the most stimulating documentary I've seen in a long time ! Smile
A view of earth from space is simply an incredible spectacle. How many documentaries can you see about this or similar topics. But I also like the stories of those who have been in space and how they describe everything they have seen. Writing is simply unbelievable. It was very exciting. I could practically imagine all that there was talk of.

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