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[Asking] The Article, Chapter 1: Why Do I Feel Disconnected?
Hello everybody, my fellow INTP, nice to meet you all.

I am an INTP and I am new to this forum. Recently I just have discovered this amazing and awesome website, which enlightenment me to reveal more about myself. Especially when I read the Article Section. An set of some chapters that tells us INTP in very well described way.

So what I am gonna ask in this thread is:

Can someone give other explanation about the sentence from the attachment below? I am not sure if I am interpreted it well

My interpretation about that sentence is:

"For us INTP, if we want to understand people more, we need to have a good balance of a motivating power of emotion, like maybe they don't have a same feeling/emotion as ours, and that is okay because everybody is different from us (?)" I don't know please correct me if my interpretation is wrong.

Or can someone care to give their own interpretation (if they ever read The Article)?

Thanks in advance! Smile

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