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Hello Everyone
I don't really know what to say here, cause I just joined after seeing a good post about something. I also joined cause I was kinda curious what a community with lots of INTPs in it looks like. Oh and I suppose I wanted to try and help those who needs advice. I guess I can introduce myself a bit?

I'm 17 and you can just call me Midas. My native language is not English, so... there's gonna be a lot of grammar mistakes etc. I was an Ambivert a few years ago, but now I'm a 100% Introvert. I'm just good at pretending I'm not in real life, though to be honest I'd really rather spend my time at home, alone and away from people. A lot of things happened that made me this way, but oh well.

here's some facts about me:
- I'm left-handed.
- I like dogs.
- I like animals better than people, but that doesn't mean I hate people.
- I just really rather be left alone to my own devices.
- My family is all F except for me... though I might be mistaken.
- I learned from a young age that not showing any emotions is a "bad thing" according to my family, so I'm pretty good at making up emotions now.
- Sorry if I sound curt or I talk rudely/too bluntly... sometimes I don't notice that I'm being rude. And I don't like lying either, so I tend to just say things straight to your face without a proper filter. Sorry in advance.
- I don't get along well with my family, so if you have problems with your family, my solutions for them are probably going to be very cold.
- I don't have friends. Probably not gonna look for any either. I had enough of "friendship". Though I probably won't ignore you if you try to befriend me. Just please don't expect anything from me.
- I may not be online often because I'm kinda busy.
- Dunno why I'm saying this, but I play Stardew Valley and Starbound (both are pirated versions though, haha).
- I lose interest in things pretty quickly, so I currently have no particular hobbies or interests.
- I'm the kind of guy who thinks grieving for the dead is pointless (cause it won't help anyone), just saying it as a heads up.
- I'm severely emotionally detached (back then I wasn't), but if you need an emotional advice, I can give some.
- I know I'm just a teenager, but please don't dismiss my advice. I would appreciate it if you don't.
- I'm VERY dense, so even if you make obvious hints, I probably still won't see them. (I only knew I was dense because someone pointed it out to me)
- I'm a dork. haha.

I think that's all the common facts about me, thanks for even reading this. I hope you all have a good day. Chat me up if you need help with something.
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