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With the May Day holiday just around the corner cheap authentic nike air force 1 , a number of films are looking to boost their openings by setting their sights on this three-day weekend. Interestingly, all the potential box office hits currently scheduled for this Friday are domestic works.

However, while domestic films may kick off the month, May will see the arrival of several Hollywood blockbusters, including Captain America: Civil War cheap nike air force 1 china , Selfless and Alice Through the Looking Glass. In fact, the middle and latter parts of the month will be dominated mainly by imported works.

Holiday feast

The major films on the holiday cinema menu are Book of Love (romance comedy), Xuan Zang (historical feature), MBA Partners (female-led romance comedy) and Phantom of the Theater (horror flick).

Though male audiences may be disappointed by the lack of action films and grand Hollywood set pieces, the holiday won't end up being too boring as early reviews of these films indicate they are worth your time and money.

Book of Love , for example, was the opening film at this year's Beijing International Film Festival, which ended on Saturday night. It stars Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo and was directed Xue Xiaolu. The three worked together on the well-received 2013 film Finding Mr. Right.

Unlike their previous film, this time the two lead characters come from completely different backgrounds - Tang plays a casino PR rep from Macao while Wu takes on the role of a real estate agent from Los Angeles. After several failed romances, an unexpected encounter brings the two together.

Book of Love's limited showings during the festival has produced diverse reviews - while some think the film's fragmented plot is a bold approach to storytelling wholesale nike air force 1 free shipping , some have not appreciated the effort.

While most people are probably familiar with Xuanzang from the classic novel Journey to the West, the character was based on the very real Tang Dynasty (618-907) monk and his 17-year pilgrimage to India.

While film adaptations of the novel have appeared again and again over the years, the film Xuan Zang takes aim at revealing the life of the historical figure rather than some fantasy world. If you are a fan of history, Xuan Zang may be the film for you.

Three years ago, Hong Kong director Peter Chan's American Dream in China was a hit in mainland theaters. This year authentic nike air force 1 wholesale , a female-led version of the story of friends coming together to make their business dreams a reality will be told in MBA Partners.

While you might not be interested in seeing a similar story if you've previously seen American Dream, the film's director, Chang Tae-you, might get your attention. The South Korean director has been behind a number of popular TV dramas, including the hit series You Who Came from the Stars.

You who came from Hollywood

After the holidays wholesale nike air force 1 china , mainland theaters will see a number of imports, with the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War taking the lead on May 6.

Another link in the Marvel cinematic universe, Captain America: Civil War sees the Avengers break into two ideological camps after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. While one side, led by Iron Man, supports the idea of government oversight concerning superheroes nike air force 1 wholesale bulk , the other side, led by Captain America, insists on the Avengers' freedom to act when needed.

The setup seems similar to that of the recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, yet according to Civil War's current 97 percent freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes versus Dawn of Justice's 28 percent, the former may stand a better chance at the mainland box office.

The following weekend after Civil War sees Hollywood sci-fi thriller Selfless (May 12) reaching mainland cinemas.

Selfless focuses on a dying tycoon who transfers his consciousness into a younger body but later suffers from a series of side effects. Already screened in the US last year wholesale nike air force 1 black , Selfless has not received very good reviews - the film's average rating on Rotten Tomatoes is only a 4.510. However, considering the rarity of such a premise in the Chinese market, the film may still able to attract some moviegoers.

The Angry Birds Movie, a US-Finland coproduced animated film based on the popular series of video games will reach mainland theaters on May 20, the same day with its North American release.

With the film's cartoon characters showing up at the opening ceremony of the Beijing International Film Festival wholesale nike air force 1 white , it seems that the film's producers have high hopes for the Chinese market. While the games were hugely popular in China, that was a couple of years ago. The question in many people's minds is: Has this film come a few years too late?

Having just announced its mainland release date of May 27 on Tuesday, Alice Through the Looking Glass is one of the highest anticipated films for the end of the month. A sequel to 2010's Alice in Wonderland, the film gathers the same cast of Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway wholesale nike air force 1 shoes , and recounts how Alice travels back in time to save her friend the Mad Hatter.

A scene from Back to 1942 Photo: CFP

A major winner at the Oscars, The Revenant, which is on a winning streak in China with more than 365 million yuan ($56.3 million) at the box office so far, was based on the novel The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge written by Michael Punke。 The Revenant does not stand alone in this regard。 Actually, more than half of the nominated films this year were adapted from serious fiction - works that delve into social commentary, political criticism or the exploration of the human condition。

China, by comparison, has seen only a few movies released this year that were based on works of serious fiction - the continuation of a trend that has only increased in recent years。

For instance, last year not a single domestic movie screen in China was adapted from serious fictions, while seven

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