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How to keep the kitchen clean?
How to keep the kitchen clean? when I cook and after dinner there is always a lot of crumbs on the floor and trash remains. How can I remove as comfortably as possible?
I have a separate vacuum cleaner in the kitchen. It is smaller and lighter than usual.
Unfortunately, yes, the kitchen has to clean up more often than in other rooms. I have a cleaning assistant. This is sweepovac kitchen vacuum It is very convenient during cleaning not to carry a vacuum cleaner. There are points in the wall for connecting the hose.
I always keep my kitchen clean! The reason is simple.. I don't spend much time at home XD
May the force be with you
I also am no an expert but do feel than a 60 gallon compressor with a 5 hp motor will suit your needs. Now I will not get into which brand etc but will say that my harbor freight 60 has been very good to me. It puts out about 16 cfm and my tools have yet to outrun it with exception of my air compressor for home garage . But I certainly can manage.
If you can entrust the cleaning of rooms once or twice a week to a cleaner or employees of a cleaning company, then most often you have to maintain order in the kitchen every day. The kitchen is an area that requires either regular high-quality cleaning or frequent general cleaning, which drags on for the whole weekend.

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