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People You Wish You Could Meet and Converse With
It doesn't matter if they're deceased or not--and they don't have to be INTPs! I'm very curious. Personally, I wish I could meet:

Nikola Tesla (AHHH! Who DOESN'T wish they could meet Tesla?! He is my deceased celebrity crush...I'm pretty sure for me the ideal man would be an INTJ...and Tesla is the absolute epitome of INTJ-ness...)

Albert Einstein (the poster-boy of INTPs...and he was supposedly a really fun guy to hang around. Plus of course his intelligence...he'd probably be someone we'd all love to meet, no?)

Abraham Lincoln (I would have LOVED to know what was going on in his head...just day to day...)

Gandhi (an all-around inspiring guy. He got the Muslims and Hindus in his country of India to stop fighting each other by saying he wouldn't eat until all the fighting stopped. What a guy.)

Louis Armstrong (I'm a trumpet player...this would be the coolest thing EVER. Especially if I got to jam with him. I think I'd faint.)

Isamu Fukui (the author of one of my favorite series, Truancy--I don't even know how he wrote those. They're utterly indescribable)

Hirohito (the Emperor of Japan during WWII. I'm pretty sure he was against Japan actually going to war, but the military members of his cabinet basically overruled him. I just would've loved to have gotten inside his head for a day to see how he thought.)

John Lennon (who wouldn't want to meet one of the geniuses of humanity? I mean, he was ASSASSINATED. Not killed. Assassinated.)

Hayao Miyazaki (OH MY GOD how do I even describe him. My friends and I practically worship him for his storytelling and artistic abilities, as well as his skilled abilities as a director and screenwriter.)

Joe Hisaishi (writes the most AMAZING music for Hayao Miyazaki's movies...I personally worship his music.)

Cesar Millan (some of you may be familiar with the show Dog Whisperer--he's the guy. I don't know how he does it. Dogs just RESPOND to him. I'd love to apprentice under him or work for him or something.)

That's all I can think of...please share!
The first few names that come to mind are Carl Jung and Freud for obvious relevant reasons to this forum, and Obama. I'd love to hear an uncensored/unfiltered brain dump from the first black president. The shit that he's had to deal with, the way that that makes him feel, and how he sees the world would be fascinating. His recent semi-angry speech after the gun bill failed in the senate was probably the closest thing we've seen to that since he's been president because he's been so overly-conscious of not coming off as an "angry black man", and perpetuating a stereotype. Plus I think he's INTP. Maybe INTJ.

And Bill Clinton. Again, unfiltered/uncensored.
As soon as I think of someone, my next thought is always, "But what would I say??"
So I guess with anyone I would want to meet, I would hope to just hang out with them for a day, without any cameras or anything.

I'd also like to meet Obama. I have mixed feelings about him, but overall I think he's a good guy. I agree with a lot of his politics, but drones and torture bother me. I get the sense that while it's easy to say you'd do away with those types of things before you get elected, it becomes a lot harder to do it when you're president because you also need to keep the country safe. Basically, I'd just like to know his thought process.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Bill Waterson, J.R.R. Tolkien

I'll come back when I think more about history.
I can't think of everyone off the top of my head, but I too would like to meet Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein. Also on the list would be JK Rowling, Orson Scott Card (his books are so interesting and intelligent, practically INTP heaven, I wonder what he's like in person!), some famous actor I look up to (I'm curious as to what the Hollywood scene is like from their perspective, and what qualities it takes to be an actor--but I'd probably want to meet Emma Watson or Johnny Depp). PallasAthena, I hear that J R R Tolkein was actually pretty boring in person (or at least as a professor), but maybe that was just towards students. I can't think of the other people on my list, but I know that there are more...
(04-22-2013, 12:44 AM)loolitay Wrote: PallasAthena, I hear that J R R Tolkein was actually pretty boring in person (or at least as a professor), but maybe that was just towards students. I can't think of the other people on my list, but I know that there are more...

I guess that doesn't surprise me. It's funny because overall his books are wonderful, but there are so many parts in-between where I wonder why in the world he thought it was interesting. And if you ever read the Silmarillion or other Middle Earth histories which he wrote primarily for his own enjoyment, they are incredibly dull. I wonder if he and Victor Hugo had the same personality...amazing imagination, but no understanding of what other people find interesting or how much detail is too much.

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