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What is your favorite game?
What is your favorite game?
My favorite sport is Table Tennis. And is one of the most interesting and fascinating game for me .

As it is one the best hand eye coordinated game and requires not only your physical presence but also your mental presence all the time . It is fast and you need to be quick to response every moment in the game . Also you need to be fully concentrated during every stroke as the ball needs to be beneath the table in your every time
I like to be in a good physical shape. So, for me football is the greatest sport ever. I am an actual football fan and support Manchester United. These guys are the legends already. I have watched practically all matches of that club and should say they are real professionals. I even bet because I am sure they win any way.
I really like PC games, different shooting and arcade games. Recently, my favorite one is Dota and cS GO.
Speaking about games, I like to play only PC games. Using I prefer to download only new and popular games to play when I have free time.
It's the Witcher! Pure magic and nothing else!
Sports or on the computer? Sports - football. on the computer, I love third-person shooters.
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