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Can you buy wholesale from AliExpress?
Can you buy wholesale from AliExpress?
Unfortunately, this website is in Chinese. And very hard for buyer to communicate with the suppliers there.
However, overseas buyer still can buy from this, with the help of a buying agent.
They can buy products from you from, and communicate with the suppliers for you, and inspect the goods, then arrange the shipping.
Below photo is the lastest order for one Russia customer. Helped him bought goods from 49 suppliers.
If you also want to buy less quantity at a better wholesale price, you can contact me, I am glad to help.
Yeah, sure, why not? As far as I know the sum of the order should not exceed 1,000 euro in cost and 31 kilograms in weight. Otherwise, you will have to pay the customs duty. For more detailed information I would recommend to check out that great resource and be sure you know how to buy wholesale from AliExpress. Good luck

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