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Who is your favorite football player?
Who is your favorite football player?
Andrea Pirlo: He is in my opinion the best central midfielder in history of football. No one could read, control and decide the game like him. Just watch the 1–0 from Mario Balotelli against Germany in the EC 2012 semi finals. You’ll see what I mean.
I`m the most devoted football fan ever. Messi is the greatest football player of all times. I have watches practically all his matches and even bet through to make sure he is simply the best. He is the most talented and titled football player and I won`t stop admiring him
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I have two options. One of the old players, the second of the present. So. I think Pele deserved it. There is no one better than this player for me. In the modern world it is Lionel Messi. His statistics are astounding . I am sure that it will grow and strive to always have somewhere.

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