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Do You Need Breast Reduction Surgery? Health Articles | November 29 Tomas Hertl Sharks Jersey , 2011
Considering breast reduction surgery requires a good look at all the positives and negatives, including the possible risks and why it is needed.

Dolly Parton did it. Roseanne Barr-Arnold did it to. It may not be the atypical Hollywood star move, but when your health is at risk and your only option is breast reduction surgery, it becomes a viable option to take.

Ironically, most women long to have bigger chest Martin Jones Sharks Jersey , which is one of the reasons that augmentation surgery has remained the top most popular cosmetic surgery for decades. But for women whose breasts are too large, the longing goes the other direction towards a chest that is more manageable.

Having an oversized bosom can led to a multitude of health problems including headaches, back aches, neck and shoulder pain, and secondary health problems including poor blood circulation and even problems breathing. There is nothing sexy about the health-related and very real problems that having too much on your chest can cause.

The problems associated with oversized breasts can get worse if there is an influx of hormones from a pregnancy Joonas Donskoi Sharks Jersey , which can send the size of an already large breast over the top.
Breast reduction is considered more than a cosmetic procedure due to the ongoing and chronic health conditions that some bosom sizes create, and as a result insurance will often pay for most or all of the procedure, which can help anyone who doesn't have Dolly Parton's millions pay for this much-needed surgery as well.

Most women who do have a large bosom are accustomed to them, and don't want their breast reduction surgery to make them several size smaller, just more of an averaged-out size. Your plastic surgeon can help you understand how much weight and size needs to be reduced to make your cup size more manageable and create a look that is not going to impact your health.

The impact of a breast reduction is not always huge if your chest was already oversized. Dolly Parton was reportedly a 40DD before her reduction Joe Pavelski Sharks Jersey , and her post-surgical photos don't show any kind of shocking size reduction - but apparently it was enough to reduce the back pain that she has been enduring for thirty years as a result of totting around the oversized pair.

If you are considering getting a reduction, here's what you need to know in a nutshell: this procedure removes excessive fat, glandular tissue, and skin to achieve the desired size. If you are breastfeeding, your surgery can't be scheduled until you no longer have milk in your mammary glands. It is also possible that your surgery will interfere with your ability to breastfeed in the future. Other risk factors include possible numbness that can be permanent Patrick Marleau Sharks Jersey , a reaction to the medication or anesthesia used for your surgery, or a loss of nipple sensation, or even nipple loss, which can be caused by a loss of blood supply to the nipple area leading to the death of the nipple cells.

If Dolly could do it and Roseanne could do, it you can do it too Brent Burns Sharks Jersey , following in the footsteps of some very well-endowed women.

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