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Why are so many people emotionally attached with football?
Why are so many people emotionally attached with football?
Anything that gives you pure entertainment and memories to cherish for a lifetime is bound to be have an emotional effect on you. You know something is special when it makes you feel like a kid again — bewitched, mystified, thrilled. Football, for some, does exactly that.
Because it gives health and excitement. I used to play at the collage football team and still play with my friends from that team every Sunday. It has become a kinda of tradition. We even bet through to make it more exciting. In general I can say playing football has become my hobby over years
Many of us start watching football matches as a child. Someone even starts playing in school teams. Football is an accessible game for many.
I like football, too. I like it when Messi's team is on the pitch. I'm a fan of his. I follow all of Messi's games on the So I'm always aware of football events

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