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VovSoft VoV Picture Downloader 1.8
[center][Image: 0f691deb-54f8-48bf-8bdc-b3d776579aa1.png]
File size: 3.5 MB

Picture er to find and millions of image files from the web easily.[/center]

Vov Picture Downloader features a simple interface comprising two separate tabs, one for searching for images using a search engine, and the other for performing a search on a specific website. The first method allows you to select the engine to use and perform an online search using a keyword as the main filter, while the second requires you to enter a starting URL and look for graphics on a particular webpage recursively or not. You can customize the location, set the connection and the response timeouts, and select the agent to use. No matter the method you choose, the settings are the same. Moreover, by setting filters, you ensure the application doesn't parse entire webpages when not needed and consequently decrease the search duration. Vov Picture Downloader can look for specific image extensions and ignore user-defined URL extensions or strings. JPG, PNG, TIF, WEBP and more filetypes are supported.
Supported single quotes and double quotes for attribute value delimiters
Updated OpenSSL
Fixed stop button related bug
Fixed location related bug
Improved UI




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