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Xlideit Image Viewer 1.0.200116
[center][Image: f9ba05b3-d496-4600-892e-ea1a7a9ad5e9.png]
File Size : 1 Mb

Xlideit bundles an image viewer and a graphic editor within a single package, providing you with additional options to generate slideshows.[/center]

Stylish look and accessible layout
Its transparent interface and the color palette offers it a modern look, while the accessible layout of the toolbars make it very easy to use. You start by loading a folder that contains one or more pictures, in some of the most common graphic formats, such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, WMF, icons, cursors and image lists.
Image manipulation capabilities
The integrated file browser can be easily activated, which enables you to easily navigate to the desired location on your computer. Moreover, Xlideit allows image filtering and list customization, which means that you can easily remove certain images from a slideshow.
Pictures can be sorted using various criteria, such as file name, creation date, size, width or height, the aspect ratio or the file type. You can quickly print an image, open it with another program or send it to the default graphic editor.
Picture editing and enhancing tools
With a single click you can delete or clone an image, rotate and flip it horizontally or vertically, view or remove its tag data. Xlideit allows zooming and it comes with a built-in magnifier that you can use to analyze the picture in detail.
The included editing toolbox enables you to crop a picture, resize it and make certain adjustments to the brightness, the contrast, saturation, hue and gamma levels in order to enhance its quality. Also, the application comes with conversion capabilities, which enable you to obtain JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF or GIF pictures out of any file format.
An image viewer, editor and converter
Xlideit enables you to view image slideshows, edit and enhance images and convert pictures to some of the most popular formats. While its editing feature set is not by far as rich as the one of a professional image editor, it can cover the needs of regular users.
Improved look for panels and icons at high screen resolutions
Slideshow of the selected images in multi-select mode
Added a context menu to disable or reset the hotkeys
Option to show folders on the thumbnail bar
Button to go to the parent folder in the toolbar (hidden by default)




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