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If I create a shopping site, Do I need to be PCI Compliant?
If I create a shopping site, Do I need to be PCI Compliant?
To stay assured that PCI compliance is handled properly and that both yours and your customers’ data is safeguarded against potential breaches, pick a payment provider that meet all the PCI Level 1 compliance standards — the highest PCI level with the strictest requirements.
Well, to tell the truth, any merchant requires to be PCI-DSS compliant to do this. Simply check out PCI Compliance Cost there and give a call to some experts in that field. I used to apply to TrustNet and pretty satisfied with how it was. Never even thought that such serious steps could be undertaken so easily
I think that it is better to be compliant with PCI. If it is not so difficult, then try to organize it.
Of course, Bro. You are going to work with online payment from credit cards, obviously, you need to think about this aspect. 3 months ago I was working on this question and I found the solution on this site . Maybe it will help you too. Here you will find all the main aspects of this process.

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