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JixiPix Snow Daze 1.27
[center][Image: 66a3f017-1fa1-4c3b-9502-cef1a47a000a.png]

[info]File Size: 42.[/center]

2 MB[/info

We all love a snow day. Whether you enjoy being let out of school, sitting by a fire drinking hot chocolate, staring out the window and watching the flakes fall, kids yelling and screaming as they play, or just standing and listening to the serene quit that snow brings. A snow day is a day to play hookie, forget all the stresses of life, hang out with the kids, just have fun. Snow Daze will create snowy day scenes from your photo with snowflakes and frosty effects. Great for creating Holiday Cards or adding an artistic touch to an otherwise general photo. One-touch settings automatically add snow and frosty effects to your photo creating beautiful snowy scenes. Use the snow brush to wipe snow from faces and areas you don't want flakes with options to brush them back in. Choose from a light snow to a heavy blizzard and adjust how frosty your picture appears using the whiten scene slider. As with all JixiPix apps the usage of Snow Daze is super simple and creates amazingly realistic results.

Snow Daze Style

Snow Daze - has one job, to create beautiful snowy scenes directly on your photo! It does it well-you won't be disappointed!

Options for light to heavy snow fall

Control over snow strength and snow fade

Whiten scene effect

10 Cloud finishes

10 Snow types

12 One-touch settings

official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.




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