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Have I "spooked" my INTP?
Ah man. I'm sorry Jessica. I was really hoping it would work out for you. Keep your chin up, you sound like a great person. The next person will be extremely lucky to have you.
It is better to be alone than in bad company. -- George Washington
I'd be blessed to have someone like you as a partner. I'm glad you where/are so interested in making sure he's comfortable. It sucks that what happened, happened but I can somewhat see where he is coming from. I have an INFP friend and she is too much for me, and I feel we're too different as well. I really hope you find someone ... maybe you'll even find another INTP! Best wishes.
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(07-09-2013, 09:51 PM)Jessica Wrote: Hi all! I am an INFP female that was dating an INTP male for a month. We met online and right away he added me on his social media sites and gave me his number. We started texting back and forth and met in person. The date went really well. We both told each other what we liked about each other and the date. We continued to text back and forth and saw each other 2-3 times a week for the first three weeks. He was very warm and affectionate and told me he liked me on our first date. He would ask me detailed questions, give me specific compliments, and point out things we had in common. He would send me songs online that he wanted me to listen to and we would chat back and forth. I felt that even though our contact was frequent, things were developing at a natural and gradual pace. We both talked about all kinds of things about ourselves including family and exes. After dating for three weeks, he went on a week trip that he already had planned with his friends. Before he got back, I went on a weekend trip so we didn't see each other for ten days. Before he left, he sent me a song that was basically saying, "Will you be my girlfriend?" He told me he would bring me back something from the trip that was very individualized to his interests and he did. While he was gone, I only heard from him every three days, when he would let me know they had made it to various locations. I responded but didn't try to hold a conversation as I could tell he was busy with his friends. I also texted him while I was away on my trip and he responded. When I got back, he asked me on a date and it went really well. He told me all about his trip. We texted back and forth the next day. The day after that, I texted him something casual, "Hope you're having a great day. What are you doing tonight?" and no response. That was almost a week ago. I have not reached out to see what happened. I am scared to. I can't think of anything that went wrong. I don't know if he is blowing me off or trying to figure things out? I also don't know if I should reach out to him and if so, what I should say? On the one hand, maybe he lost interest and I should leave him alone... On the other maybe he is scared or confused and would appreciate me reaching out...? Help this "feeler" out, please! What is going on?

He probably won't have seen the content, or when he saw it, he figured it is futile to react and didn't stop to imagine that you may truly need to hear back. Some INTPs can be exceptionally neglectful. I've seen that with an INTP I've as of late made companions with.
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