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Homestuck MBTI
I apologize as this is my second thread of this manner. I find people here more accepting than on PerC and with a smaller community I don't have to worry that there already was a similar thread.

This is a thread where we can discuss the MBTI of the Homestuck characters. I will start with a list that may leave out some characters and with my basic understanding and guesses of their types. I may be grossly incorrect. I will add more characters to types and switch characters around on the list if needed to keep up an understanding.


ESFP: Gamzee - Nepeta
ENFP: John
ENFJ: Jade - Roxy
ENTJ: Aradia
ENTP: Terezi
ESTJ: Vriska - Caliborn
ESTP: Meenah
ESFJ: Feferi
ISFP: Tavros
INFP: Karkat - Calliope
ISTP: Jake - Sollux
INFJ: Aranea
ISTJ: Equis
ISFJ: Kanaya - Jane
INTP: Dave
INTJ: Rose - Eridan

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