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Zoning out
(01-28-2014, 03:46 PM)PallasAthena Wrote: Is it just me, or does the meaning of what someone said sort of come a few seconds after they say it? Like, "Glab zap you think bork snarp do this qark zark for bup?" ... What?? "Hey, do you think you could do this thing for me?" And when it doesn't immediately translate, I instinctively say, "what?" and then I realize before they repeat it that I actually did hear them the first time, I just needed to concentrate.
DEFINITELY not just you.

(01-28-2014, 03:46 PM)PallasAthena Wrote: I get pretty distracted by eye contact too, but I've realized that especially when they're talking to me, it's pretty natural for me to look away in thoughtful silence and they don't mind because it looks like I'm really thinking about what they're saying.
Random anecdote: I wear contacts, but on days that I forget to put them in, I've noticed that I don't make eye contact at all with people. It takes a ton of effort to do so. I'm not sure why...maybe since everything's blurry I don't feel like I'm getting any extra information by looking people in the eyes. I don't know.
I think that's an actual scientific thing to do with eyesight. Many children with undiagnosed eye problems are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD for this reason and similar, related problems. I believe that may have happened to me.
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