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This is water.....
Again, apologies if this is repetitive.

I came across a reference to this where someone spoke glowingly of it. So I looked for it. It actually reminded me of a reply I had to one of PallasAthena's threads regarding "unfairness" ("What are these friends people speak of", I think).

David Foster Wallace's commencement speech at the bottom is actually set to the video above it most of the time. But I didn't know that and watched the voiceless video first, and then watched/read/listened to the commencement speech. Afterwards I watched the commencement speech embedded in the video, but I think it has more effect watching it the way I did, and the way it's listed below.
Thanks for posting this speech, it's awesome.
And thanks for that extremely long post back on the other thread. That was ten months ago and so much has changed for me. I wish I could say that I immediately took your advice, but it wasn't for another few months that things started looking up, and I can't say it was all conscious effort.

What helped me the most was realizing that I had more power over my happiness than anyone else did. That was really hard to realize, since most of my life consisted of my childhood where my happiness was always at the whim of parental decisions. I was used to feeling powerless, so I kept it up. But a few things happened where I realized that just because I couldn't control everything didn't mean I couldn't control some very important things. And once this realization came, so much of the past that I'd internalized just sort of disappeared. It's still there to be analyzed when I need to, but it doesn't hang onto my mind every day.
These past six or seven months have been really, genuinely nice and even when it's not, I've learned to just deal with it and move on. So really, thanks so much for your advice!
- Sincerely, someone who does not like taking advice Smile
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