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Hypthetical: An INTP Government
I am very curious what the opinion is as to what a government/society would be like that was composed of entirely INTP's.

I think there would be rules and laws, but only those that could be backed up in a very solid and logical way. The fewer the better. And even those would be under a constant state of revision and further argument.

Businesses would be far more laid back and would cater to our need for solace. Almost everything would be delivered to our door.

College would be constant and ongoing. Merely having a degree would not be considered enough to be considered an expert on something... the quality of the content of ones work would be how one would gain respect.

The government would have to rely on conscription as few INTP's would want to be taken away from there projects to handle the onerous burden of politics.

Bickering would be an issue, and I think a specific moral code would have to be developed to prevent it.

Creativity and a more Montessori type education would be valued. Teachers would exist to encourage and support rather than cram rote learning down our throats.

That is all I can think of off hand. Any additions or objections?
My core idea: We are one.

INTPs would have little as far as differences regarding decision making, and when presented with the same input (I doubt that the INTP government would hide info among itself), decisions come up from different people would be so close together that it can be says that the government functions as a singular being. There is nothing else needed to do or say. No paperwork, no signatures and passes.

Think it big. What if everyone is INTP? Not considering production of goods and other things, how would such a world thinks and behaves?

As laws are reduced to minimum, later bornt people would have less knowledge about moral values, and therefore should be teached,. However, under the INTP government, teaching would be similar to arguing over what is right and wrong. Moral would suffers lots of reduction and changes, and there would be a period of loss of faith in the population, so devastating, but interesting to watch. Which values would remain, and how the new world balances itself.
Interesting idea but honestly, as an INTP, I start projects but very rarely finish them! All personality traits are needed to keep a societal government together, to even the playing field. We INTPs have fantastic ideas, but we contain very little follow through as soon as we lose interest in something. INTPs would at least need an ISTJ to help us finish what we started.
I once read a book online (a great book, by the way, it's worth the five dollars, or rather, 2.50 considering you get a second book free. It's also written by an INTP) called The Secret Lives of INTPs, and one chapter was a theoretical thing about what an all-INTP world would look like. It's been a long time since I read it, though, so I can't remember exactly what was said.

I think that there might be less crime and needing less reinforcement; I mean, I can see INTPs thinking about robbing someone or commiting some other crime. The sense of jail would have to be changed - solitary confinement would no longer be an appropriate punishment. Possibly being forced to stay in a crowded, EF environment would work better?

The education system would be fantastic. In an all INTP world, education for a wide range of subjects would be spread, and people would be allowed to drop and pick up learning interests at will.

But I wouldn't say that a complete INTP society is perfect. Like Sniperfairy mentioned, we wouldn't get much done. Plus, not knowing how to deal with emotions would definitely cause some issues.

On the whole, as much as I like the idea of it - I mean, with the exception of The Refuge, I'm never actually get to be surrounded with people who think and act like us, the way that Guardian types can - it's not sustainable in the long run.
"Not all writers are power-hungry madmen...some are power-hungry madwomen!" -P. Bosch
I completely agree that it wouldn't be workable in the long run due to our tendency to not get things accomplished... I was only meaning it to be a fun exercise, not something I was doing to accomplish it or because I though we were in some way superior (I totally agree that those annoying INTJ's come in handy sometimes!)
Is your entire world populated solely with INTPs, or just the government? If the entire world was populated with INTPs, my personal belief is that it would no longer be populated with INTPs within a week. That is how long it would take us to starve to death. Actually, a world of INTPs would be drastically different, large businesses would never exist, (as they would have no grunts to handle the grunt work) and instead the market would be run by a multitude of small, one-man companies providing any service imaginable. Large farms wouldn't exist (again, no grunts) and the populace would probably take it upon themselves to plant their own gardens, and then ask the neighbors for produce after forgetting to water said gardens. Government probably would not exist, no one to enforce their rule, and the most charismatic INTP on the neighborhood would run that block. Kinda. If the others agree with everything he says.
If I were to run the government, I would likely put computers in charge of most things. Voting would be entirely electronic, and all major courts would be disbanded. (Representatives, Senators, and the like would be eradicated.) People are too often driven by selfish motivations, so allowing the power to rest on humans shoulders is entirely ludicrous.

All votes would be done on secure, non-networked servers (to prevent hacking), then compiled into specialized messages to be delivered by hand by several unrelated individuals selected at random to a final counting place to be summed up by several more unrelated and disconnected individuals (like a jury) to a final report delivered via government social networking by each person on said network. None could lie since none of them know each-other, and the specialized reports would back up/refute any lies. Anyone caught in manipulating results would be immediately imprisoned and punished according to their crime.

Essentially, humans would no longer serve a major role in government individually, but would be part of a greater whole. All information would be open, and the entire populace (by popular vote) made the laws. No corrupt government or supreme court could make a decision that the entire populace did not agree with as a majority.
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