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Relationship advice please?
(06-08-2014, 06:27 PM)Intrigued ENTJ Wrote:
(06-07-2014, 02:09 PM)Ravn Wrote: That depends on what an ENTJ's idea of wisdom is? =)

The encyclopedia is basically a great pile of knowledge with links between loads of it, the purpose of the knowledge is to figure out something completely, reach the crux of the matter, find the truth of a subject. Here is an example of how I have been using it in the last week:
So a random fact spurred one of my 5-6 year old theories on how my brain works to the forefront of my consciousness. This theory is basically a mix of my own observations on how my mind works which connected with the Freudian theory of Id, Ego and Super-Ego. I instantly start analysing this old theory from my new perspective, and I notice a connection between the old theory and the MBTI functions (which I learned of rather recently). Now there is a new and more precise theory which helped me understand some of what has been happening to me the last year. These connections happen almost instantaneously and within 5 minutes I had a basic grounding for the theory, and I have been fiddling with the details during the last week. Something I found helps me with the details is writing it down, then they can also easier be altered to fit the overall picture instead of being floaty =)

How is it challenging?

How is it challenging?
I read your answer and go WOW - a theory that has been percolating away for 5-6 years (said with admiration). With such statements (and here I am projecting my INTP's communication patterns onto the question) comes a level of what I will call confidence but comes across slightly as "I won't broke any discussion" arrogance. I don't suffer any lack of self-confidence in the worthiness of my own ideas and will definitely say "hang on a minute there, what about ....." but there is a slight over-awing of my confidence given the capacity for him to go "bang bang bang" with the various facts. My emotional side reminds myself he probably isn't trying to be an arrogant pig but it is challenging to remind myself of that when my ideas get dismissed as "no that is wrong".

The encyclopedia also seems different because it is not outward focussed on soliving an immediate problem. It seems it can be filled in when new data is acquired that may not serve any problem at the time.

This ENTJ's idea of wisdom is different cause I guess I only open my wisdom files and refer to them when I am seeking to solve an immediate problem. And the problem solution probably incorporates the reading (hopefully correctly) of the emotions of the situation and carefully taking them into account when crafting a solution. ENTJs are renowned for riding rough-shod over emotions when implementing a solution and that is true of me - I will choose a solution that requires "I am sorry you have to die for me to implement this plan" if necessary. However, I do focus rather a lot on the emotional side of wisdom and I think we all agree emotions are often not rational. So I guess my encylcopedia is different cause it involves the irrational and illogical.

Nice talking to you Smile
We often come off as arrogant when we don't mean to. This is because a) We like to share information
and b) we're pretty oblivious when it comes to feelings unless they're shoved right in front of our faces.

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