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When you're tired, you are...?
I have a question for all of you guys out there, out of pure curiosity:
When you guys are tired (be it emotionally, physically, mentally, etc.) what happens with your emotions? Are they all of a sudden /right there/ in your face, so close to the surface that you can't really control them? Or are they abruptly muted, and you feel almost emotionally numb, defaulting to near emotionlessness?
I'm honestly curious--I tend to be the latter. What about you guys?
Hope I filed this right... Smile
It's not so much when I'm "tired", but when things get stressful, my emotions explode from whatever dark corner they hide in and try to suffocate me. It happens with anything really... Work, school, relationships, etc. When I start having serious unanswerable questions on any difficult topic, I start systematically shutting down until just emotions are left, then bad things happen. :-(

I like to sleep when emotions start happening... It's one of the few "reset buttons" I have, though as of late it has become less and less effective...

I can almost always control them... Almost being the key word. They are a pack of wild animals, and I seem to be stumbling across the alpha more often than I used to. As of now, schooling/relationships are double-teaming me, but I'll figure it out eventually.
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For me it seems that when I am tired, my emotions and care for the world around me declines rapidly in correlation to how tired I am. Also, I don't know if this is a trait of INTP or just my physiology, but when I am tired I seem to be at my limit and have the tendency to fall asleep wherever I am. I have become better at fending it off but it has happened in restaurants, at friends houses, movies, the musical show stomp, behind the wheel while driving.

As for emotions, they seem to require a lot of energy and drain me quicker than physical exercise.

I can relate with madnessnunky on this:
"It's not so much when I'm "tired", but when things get stressful, my emotions explode from whatever dark corner they hide in and try to suffocate me....."
These are strong words and I understand completely. I've considered it to feel like drowning many times.

But stress is where my emotions seem to lose control if at all. What really helps me with this stuff is meditation and exercise. Really just being confident and feeling good about myself. It helps me stay relaxed and it is much easier to maintain focus. But when I slack on either, my life starts to get a bit unraveled. If put off for too long, it becomes noticeable of those around me.

Idk if it was a slight twist of sarcasm but if not, I'm sorry to hear about those bad things madnessnunky. I also have the tendency to shut down. I haven't really found any way to combat the feelings in the moment, sometimes I just need to stop and close my eyes. When others are involved, I've been trying to remember to just say I need some time. This seems work really well when I can remember to even speak. Sleep doesn't work so much for me. But a nice run will always help.
I can go both ways. It seems to depend on what state I'm in when the tiredness really hits. If I'm slightly emotional, I will get super emotional from being tired. If I'm not emotional, then I'll go more numb.
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