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feeling and thought
yes, i'm just going to continue dropping poems here for a while. not even sure why right now

feeling and thought
used to be so far apart
slowly growing close
unsure where this goes

sometimes both colliding
feelings quickly hiding
back to where i kept them
letting thoughts cause mayhem

this friendship can last forever
this way is too hard however
closer or more distance
for now, a kiss as piece de resistance

oh have i written, poems and pages
bringing me forth from dark ages
meeting of thought and feeling
a brain only slowly healing

old thoughts still often win
but the line is very thin
no matter the cost
this fight is not lost

the battle hasn’t ended
keeps being extended
one day it’ll cease
can finally end in peace
in the middle of life, struggling with all my might
sorry for what my world has been
ready to fight the good fight once more
Nice poem! It's great that you share your thoughts and feelings with us. I do the same at I'm working there as a writer and do it day after day.

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