Poll: Infp after being friendzoned by intp
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Should tell him she loves him
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Cut off all ties and try to move on
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Infj friendzoned by intp(male)
You need to chill out. It sounds like both of you are still young, he clearly doesn't know what he wants. You can't 'pull' somebody into a relationship, that just leads to resentment. Take his reaction at face value: He clearly hasn't made up his mind about having a relationship (with you). Til he does, you'll have to accept that.

And despite of what all of mainstream wants you to believe, The One™ that comes with a side of perfect doesn't exist and is an extremely damaging mental model. There are good ones, there are bad ones, but there is no One. And most importantly: There will always be another one.
I obviously didn't see how old this post is. However the truth in my comment still stands.
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