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Need To Learn Something
If the tests are multiple choice, would it help to reread the text books and to take notes for rereading just before exams? Those biology questions seem like pretty important things to know. I've had funks I couldn't shake even to do schoolwork though. So I hope things are looking up a little, whether it's persuading your parents to let you redo your coursework online or trying to make the current semester work.
(04-13-2017, 11:38 PM)Yordle Sandwich Wrote: I spend too much time in school to learn anything, and that’s killing me.

Amen. That is the story of my life. Solidarity all the way.
I can't wait till I graduate so I can get down to some real learning.
AvidReader Wrote:Solidarity all the way.

Thank you for the solidarity, and welcome to the forum.
I came up with a very clever signature, as a matter of fact it's cleveritude was so clever that merely listening it would cause you to ascend to godhood. But then I forgot it, so instead you can listen to my gibbering inanities. I'm sorry.

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