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INTP finally returns
Hello everyone, I am posting on this forum after such a long time. Feeling excited and happy. Meanwhile, I went through my mbti tests more thoroughly and this time I found that I resonate more with the INFJ description..yes, so I am actually an INFJ .. Hence the entire yearning for closure and the stages of despair in my past threads regarding my withdrawn INTP going through a tough time of his own (he had lost his job and was going through some addiction issues also). We were out of touch for over 3 months now and I agree it did not help. I missed him so much, all the time, even after we went our separate ways. I just couldn't move on. I definitely never texted him, but he was just there in my mind the whole time. We came to an amiable break up in March where we both kind of agreed to discontinue.. More like, I shared with him that I couldn't continue and he just agreed to it.. So mutual or not.. We weren't speaking for this whole while.. Then today I saw that he liked my Instagram post where I show off my new acoustic guitar.. We are both into music and that was something we always bonded over when we were together.. I definitely loved to see him making a miniscule but meaningful gesture, after so long. I just thought he might want to talk to me again after the break. So I mustered some courage and texted him a joke saying - I come in peace...(with a white flag) Smile
And guess what.. He replied within seconds and we had a very fun conversation for a while. He has a new job and is in a better workplace and very happy and healthy and doing well. Of course I am very happy to be on speaking terms with him for now.. Although his energy and inquisitive questions kind reminded me of the healthy INTP I met when we started dating..his sudden burst of enthusiasm completely bowled me over.. I mean I was definitely feeling shy and a little vulnerable coz I texted first.. But man oh man, his response just blew me away.. Smile he told me he had been following my posts for a long time and even asked me about them in detail. And he joked and poked like old times..
So my question is- what just happened here? Trying to make sense out of this. First he withdrew because he wanted to take care of his career mess on his own and blocked me out of his life.. Then after I tried so hard for so long.. I gave up and wanted to leave.. He just asked me to do whatever made me happy and to try and forgive him If I could.. And after 3 months of no contact whatsoever.. He is so happy that I texted him and he was so nice to me today..why did he not text me before if he cared about me this much.. Was it because I asked him not to? So the Instagram "like" was just to get my attention in an unconventional way? Because he is never too hung up on social media anyway.. And he visited Instagram after almost a month and he never actually liked or commented on any of my posts before.. I am fairly active on social media btw so it's like almost three posts a day minimum.. But he chose only the one pic that he knew meant a lot to both of us.. Help me understand this please.. I thought INTPs never went back to their earlier selves with people they have drifted away from.. It clearly doesn't fit here.. Is there a chance he would want to get back together with me? I mean I can't ask him right away because I am not clear about what's going on yet.. But if he does.. Will he ask directly or just drop hints here and there..?
Welcome back! Smile We're glad to have you. Or, I am. And I think everyone else is. From what I know about their behavior. And what they've said to you in the past. But I shouldn't speak for them.

I'm afraid I don't have answers for your questions, or even any questions for your answers. I'm not close enough to the situation to tell. What it seems like to me, though, and this is really stating the obvious, is that he withdrew from society so that he could fix everything, and now that everything is fixed the withdrulsion is over. I would say it is highly possible that he'd want to get back together, though I should give my standard disclaimer that I don't know him personally and I've never read his thoughts, and if that is the case then no. He probably won't ask directly.

Well, I'm not sure how to wrap this up so I'll just conclude by saying that I'm not sure how to wrap this up. That's always worked for me in the past.
I came up with a very clever signature, as a matter of fact it's cleveritude was so clever that merely listening it would cause you to ascend to godhood. But then I forgot it, so instead you can listen to my gibbering inanities. I'm sorry.
My gut feeling says: Maybe.... Definitely Maybe.

I would suggest spend some more time with him, then just ask him directly.

We INTPs are not that complicated. If you just ask the question, 99% of the time you will just get an honest answer and he'll probably be glad for not having to play games/drop hints.

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