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Help ID the artist: antique Belgian oil/monogram

I was hoping somebody can shed more light on this painting. Bought it a year ago from UK dealer this seems to be an antique oil done on artist board size 10 x 14 inches. Signed with the monogram in the bottom right corner which I can not decipher. I was told this was by Belgian artist .... but I am not so sure myself ..... What is this place/square? .... London??? Can someone recognize the artist or the monogram? See the images of newspaper remnants stuck to the back: it tells about Royal artist exhibition at Piccadilly .... Upper notes seem to have the year: 1838 or 1938 .? In one of the corners (on the back) there is embossed phrase: "Young, 137 Gowern St, WC" if I am seeing this correctly ...... Any idea what that is ....???

Any help will be much much appreciated.

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infographic video

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