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Cure those dirty dark patches with a dash of benoquik as it better than benoquin
Vitiligo is quite a common skin problem suffered by one and many at different ages. The complexity of this problem is that it can affect one’s skin at any age and in a terrible manner. It leaves patches and freckles on the skin, which can completely disfigure any person, since it affects both the genders equally. According to certain studies it has its roots in genetic issues and is said to be hereditary. So for curing this patch benoquin is the sole medicine.

What is benoquin?
Benoquin is a type of skin lightening cream, which is used for bleaching the skin and making it lighter in comparison to its surroundings. In this case it will so happen that those areas which have already lightened due to vitiligo, will now show no difference since the ingredient Monobenzone present in it will lighten the surrounding area, making the whole skin tone even.

This benoquin cream decreases the metabolic rates of melanocytes, which decreases melanin component of the skin. So naturally, skin becomes lighter. Hence, the overall skin tone becomes even and gives the person’s skin a better look.

Which is Better Benoquik Or Benoquin?
Yes Benoquik is superior in all aspects than Benoquin But benoquik is bit costly than Benoquin.

How to use it:
This skin lightening cream has to be used in a special manner to get the best results. .
• It has to be mixed with olive oil in order to reduce its drying effect on skin.
• Since this cream is not soluble in water hence one can even wash one’s face while keeping it on. The monobenzone chemical is insoluble in water.
• It has to be applied twice or thrice per day to get best results and especially on wet skin for best results. For more information on this regard one can surely visit
• It is advisable that during this time one should avoid sunlight as much as possible to avoid any type of reactions on the skin.
Thus, one can surely conclude that Benoquin is the cheap skin lightening cream treatment for finding solutions to vitiligo problems But Benoquik works better than Benoquin.
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