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Would you work for an INTP?
I'm in the curious situation of possibly reporting to an INTP in the near future. He's one of two finalists. He doesn't believe in Type at all, but I know a certified Type person who works for him now (ISTJ) and is pretty confident that's his preference.

So my question is: would you work for an INTP if you had a choice in the matter? Why?

And bonus: If you have and have tips, I'll take 'em just in case.
*with the exception, of course, that any type has the capability of being a terrible boss.

I'm really sick of SJ bosses, particularly ESTJs. These people get promoted because they're "Type A" people. They're ambitious, bossy *cough* good at delegating, organized, professional, and really know how to get things done.
They're also under the assumption that everyone that works for them is incompetent, lazy, and live only to be ordered around. They're happy to walk around yelling at people to do things while picking up none of the slack themselves. I'll never forget how freaked out I was when I was cashiering and my ESTJ boss started bagging for me...only because the higher ups were walking around the store. He never did it before or since, meanwhile the new boss regularly helped out on busy days.
I think my current boss is an ISFJ. She's okay...she just nags a lot and repeats herself when I heard the first five times and was in the middle of doing the thing she keeps telling me to do.

Anyways, these people get promoted because they can organize people and they just seem like bosses, but they're not necessarily good at the job itself. My boss constantly points out mistakes, but everyone mutters behind her back about all the things she forgot to order...again...which is pretty much the main thing she does all day.
I feel like other "Type B" people tend to get promoted because of their hard work and skill. They're the type of people who often get passed over for a promotion because it's hard to imagine them as bosses, so when they're promoted it's because they're actually good at what they do.

Possible strengths of an INTP boss:
Willing to listen to people's suggestions, willing to help out with stuff that might be "beneath" other bosses, able to spot flaws in how things are being run (this killed me working under ESTJs with arbitrary rules and no power to change anything), creative

Possible weaknesses:
Difficult time keeping people under control, difficulty with interpersonal stuff (depending on the INTP), could be pretentious, too much in their own head which could lead to mistakes, unwilling to trust others

Let us know how it goes if it happens!
I think in this particular case, it does not matter what personality type these people are. Your choice should solely focus on what each is capable of and how each person can lead a team. Some INTPs are shyer than others and some ISTJ are not as organized others. Look at the individual and what he/she can bring to your project rather than his personality test. Honestly, as long as a leader is capable, honest, and innovative, they will do okay leading a group or will learn on the way.
I think I would worry that this would be a situation akin to the show Monk where Monk and his rival are forced to work together...

Each of them OCD, but in a slightly different way than the other, and in a way that frustrates each other.
"Well if I were You-Know-Who, I'd want you to feel cut off from everyone else. Because if it's just you alone you're not as much of a threat." -Luna Lovegood
Thanks everyone!

Athena, OH MY HECK! My current director is an ESTJ and that's exactly everything I hate about her. And, since questioning personal competency is a hot button for INTP's in general and me in particular, it drives me absolutely batty that she doesn't trust me to be good at what I do and be able to manage my own work life while still protecting her (her biggest priority). Loosing my ENFJ boss has been a significantly hard blow because of that. He was great at helping me navigate those waters.

Thanks for helping me put language around that!!

Though it hasn't been announced yet (for very good reasons), we will be getting the person who prefers INTP. I've probably got at least a month before he starts being here more than he is at his current employer. I hate waiting!

I will absolutely wait to pass judgement on him! Type is never supposed to put someone in a box. And deep Type theory says that we are all on a path to individualization anyway. Using Type as the sole definition of someone is not only wrong, it's just not smart.

That being said, as Jason has said multiple times on this site, there are commonalities that can help us navigate life and provide a frame of reference. Thanks for providing that kind of help.

I'll get back on here and post how things are going in a couple months when I've had a chance to really work with him for a while.

In the mean time, back to the paper I'm supposed to be writing for school right now. This one, two more, and I'm DONE!
Well, I take that back. Things fell apart in negotiations so he won't be coming after all. Sigh. Back to taking applications again. Longer to live with my ESTJ boss without a filter. More ambiguity. Oh joy!
(02-20-2014, 06:02 PM)moseylissa Wrote: Well, I take that back. Things fell apart in negotiations so he won't be coming after all. Sigh. Back to taking applications again. Longer to live with my ESTJ boss without a filter. More ambiguity. Oh joy!

My sympathies! There are few things worse Sad
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