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Pregnant with her third child Heren Nike Air Max 97 OG GS Zwart Schoenen Kopen , a woman in Muzhaluo, a village in Zhaojue County, is hoping for “a healthy boy.” Unbeknown to her at the time, her first child was born with HIV.

Five years ago, the 37-year-old, along with her newborn child and husband Nike Schoenen Air Max 97 Zwart Heren Kopen , tested positive.

Her first child, a boy, was a sickly child and constantly feverish. “When I took him to the local hospital he tested positive for the virus,” his mother said.

Zhaojue in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture is only about 100 kilometers from the prefecture capital Xichang, home to a satellite launch center. However, in sharp contrast to Xichang’s prosperous reputation as a result of its thriving aerospace industry Nike Air Max 97 Summit Wit Schoenen Kopen , Zhaojue is synonymous with poverty and HIVAIDS.

Liangshan, in southwest China’s Sichuan Province, is on a major drug trafficking route from the infamous Golden Triangle, a heroin production and distribution hub.

From 1995 to 2014, the prefecture recorded 35,329 cases of HIVAIDS Nike Air Max 97 OG Undefeated Groen Oranje Kopen , currently it has 21,631 people living with HIVAIDS.

Sadly, the woman’s story is not unique. Her husband, like many people in the area, was once an intravenous drug user (IDU) who had contracted HIV through sharing needles. Many other women contracted HIV in similar circumstances, leading to an increase in mother-to-child transmission.

In 2009 Nike Air Max 97 OG Undefeated Rood Wit Kopen , the Liangshan mother-to-child HIV transmission prevention center began a “Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission” program which offered prenatal antiviral treatment and surrogacy.

When the woman from Muzhaluo delivered her second baby, she was offered treatment under the program at her local maternal health center. Her daughter is now 3 and not showing any signs of the virus.

“My girl is healthy, but I still want a healthy son to carry on the family name,” she said.

HIVAIDS was first found among drug users in Liangshan in 1995 but in 2014, sex was named the major transmission path, said Song Zhibin Nike Air Max Classic BW Dames Kopen , vice director of the Liangshan HIVAIDS prevention bureau.

Now almost 90 percent of townships have people living with HIVAIDS.

“We are also seeing an increase in mother-to-child transmission cases every year,” Song said, citing a lack of prevention awareness as the main cause.

Poverty has exacerbated the situation. In 2007, more than 1.5 million people in Liangshan brought home less than 1,000 yuan (US$161) a year, making it one of Sichuan’s poorest regions.

“IDU Nike Air Max Classic BW Heren Kopen , low education, and underfunded medical services in this region can all be traced back to poverty,” Song said. “It feeds the epidemic.”

Easy Semi Truck Insurance Services Inc has extended its service all around the US. With increase in demand from its customers, finally Semi Truck Insurance announced that it’s going to start providing its service to all truck owners in US with affordable price.

After achieving milestones in California, Nevada and Arizona, EasySemiTruckInsurance came up with new offers for people in US.

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However, a stark difference could be in rates. Since trucks have a higher possibility of damaging another vehicle and injuring people inside an accident, insurance plans are higher. Through an insurance plan on any sort of vehicle makes common sense nowadays. Truck insurance coverage is the same. The fact that you utilize your trucks to your business helps it be doubly urgent.

Generally, semi truck insurance has a higher premium rate because trucks are big vehicles that are more dangerous on the road. A truck can cause more serious damage and injuries when it figures in a collision with another car. By learning more about semi truck insurance and following a few tips Nike Air Max 2018 Kopen , truck owners may be able to lower premium rates significantly.
A primary difference lies in the fact that plenty of semi truck insurance policies are commercial in nature. See, they are used for a variety of things including delivery of supermarket goods. Sometimes they are used for transport of heavy cargo including vehicles. It is obvious to see that these trucks are used in the operation of a lot of commercial ventures and enterprises.
Majority of people seem to think that semi truck insurance policies work the same way like regular kinds of policies that are in the market these days. Without a doubt, this is certainly not true at all. Yes, both types of insurance coverage will protect you when vehicular accidents do occur. However, a number of differences make them distinct from one another.

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