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Mafia City H5 is set in 1968,a mafia game
As for when you’ll see reviews and the like, we’re yet to receive code. Take that for what you will, though remember that Yotta Games as good as Doom, WoW: Legion and the console version of XCOM 2 all did launch-day review code this year. We’ll have a port review to let you know the state of the PC version as soon as possible, and a proper review a few days later. We hope to have some video of the first couple of hours up next week too. That’s on our ever-growing YouTube channel.

In the mean time, the just-released launch trailer is above - who is considering a trip to the 60s this weekend?

Another violent Mafia City trailer shows the new mob's rise to power

Mafia City's new trailer shows us how protagonist Lincoln Clay plans to tear the mob down and keep them gone:H5 Game, by building his own empire right on the rubble.

Tear down more virtual empires in our list of the best mafia games.

As is tradition now with these Mafia City trailers, the kill count just keeps ticking up: a shotgun to the face here, a grenade launcher there, a fall from a skyscraper - splat - right in the street. But it's not all about murdering everyone.

Author: SmallSheepDudugo

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