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Greetings, INTP world.
I guess I'm supposed to introduce myself. I'm an INTP, female, rising college freshman, classical musician, going into violin performance at music conservatory

I dabble in philosophy, physics, photography, the French language, fountain pens and inks lol, reading Tolkien (hardcore LOTR fan-- hence, my username), theology (C.S. Lewis, anyone?), oh yeah I'm a Christian, my favorite composers are maybe Brahms and Rachmaninov, my favorite animals are owls and chinchillas, I have many unfinished books I would like to finish reading (Dostoevsky-- Brothers Karamazov, Feynmann-- 6 Easy Pieces, Lewis-- Screwtape Letters, Pilgrim's Regress, Edmund Spenser-- The Faerie Queen, Plato's Republic, Tolkien-- Silmarillion) and lots of other books on my future reading list, and finally I have a fun story for you:

I signed up for an online Ethics class four months ago to earn some college credit and meanwhile learn some cool stuff. The assignments were seven 6-8 page papers. Easy enough, right? Well guess what, I'm an INTP and so five of those seven essays have still not been completed. And now I'm paying extra for a 4-month extension because I have no choice other than to fail the class and waste $600. This has been the lowest point of my life thus far and the highest culmination of my laziness. I need help.

Okay, so I discovered The Refuge during my adventures down the rabbit hole of INTP-related google searches, because I'm self-absorbed and I like reading about myself. Feel free to message me, I would love to "chat" AKA discuss the meaning of life and death and other fun things

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