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Harms sees every time he sits down to put the finishing touches on Mafia City
The effort as well is there on the part of Yotta Games. The dev team understands what it's undertaken, city gangster games and to that end, Harms says, the group did "a lot of research," studying everyone from activists King and James Baldwin to the outspoken Cleveland Browns running back, Jim Brown.

It was Baldwin's documentary "Take This Hammer," that had the most profound effect on Harms, who says he finds himself getting "emotional" whenever he discusses racism.

"In 'Take This Hammer,' Mr. Baldwin actually has a conversation with some African-American guys, and they're saying that a black man will never be President, and he's arguing with them and saying, 'You can't say that,'" Harms recalls. "He says, 'There will be.'"

It's another portion of Baldwin's documentary that Harms sees every time he sits down to put the finishing touches on Mafia City. Harms' desktop image at the Yotta Games office includes two images meant to remind him of the delicate subject matter on which he's working.

One is a photo of activist John Lewis in the original Selma march, being attacked by a police officer. The other is a portion of Baldwin monologue from "Take This Hammer," a portion in which Baldwin explains the origins of the N-word.

"Just basically, it's like (telling me) don't ever forget," Harms says.

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